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The Reunion weekend this year did not going according to plan, matters were made worse, when I was suddenly hospitalized several days before the event and I was unable to attend, much to my chagrin. Fortunately I had a good team in support so I was able to hand over control to them at rather short notice. A few ‘glitches' did occur but were soon resolved and a good time was enjoyed by all those who were present.

Mick Inshaw noted the event and compiled a short write up including photographs which has been posted on the website for members and friends perusal. The write up can be found in the section ‘Past Events of the Association'. The first entry in the section, is the meeting held in the Imperial Hotel in Barrow in Furness, 1997. Scroll down through all the other events until you come across the last entry: Chatham Reunion 2010.

Before continuing any further with the newsletter, I would like to thank everyone for their concerns and best wishes for my speedy recovery. The recovery took longer than I anticipated but I can now confirm that I am back on track. I now have a pacemaker in place, which at present is marking time until required to assist and it knows exactly when to do that, which gives me peace of mind.

I have given the Association a lot of thought over the past few weeks and some changes have become necessary, nothing drastic, but a change in our timescale is the first change to be considered. 2012 would be our next reunion year if we remain with our two year intervals. That year also hosts the London Olympics and it is also out of phase with Repulse's commissioning history. Another change which I think is necessary is an upgrade to our banking system, so that we have three signatories to cover our cheque expenditure. The additional signatory along with myself and the treasurer will be Mick Inshaw our secretary.

Moving our next reunion to 2011 and continuing with our two year intervals, will bring us back inline again with the commissioning history for the year 2013. So what venue could we use for next year? I discussed this over the telephone with the committee and other members to get a feel for different people's opinions and I came to the conclusion that there was not going to be an easy solution. However I had always thought that the Submarine Museum might be an ideal venue since its modernisation , so I asked Barney and Linda Barnard for some help and they invited me down for a weekend too investigate. During the weekend we managed to visit several other possible venues including the Submarine Museum , we viewed the Victory Club and the Senior Rates Mess in HMS Nelson (Pompey Barracks), and also the Royal Maritime Club almost opposite HMS Nelson.

Without going into great detail we were impressed with standard of the Maritime Club and it offered us the best deal of all the places we visited, so we made a provisional booking for the weekend of Friday 30 th Sept-Saturday 1 st October 2011. The Maritime Club has now been refurbished and has 115 bedrooms available and several function areas with their own bar arrangements. Booking forms for the event will be sent out with the Spring newsletter in 2011 showing the different options available.

Finally, we have had an influx of new members namely Dave Lutwyche, Norman McIntyre, Richard Spiring, James Hugman and Chris Mitchell. I welcome them to the Association and hopefully we will meet up in the near future.

Last, but by no means least, come the members and their families and friends of the Association,

My best wishes to you all for the coming season,

Yours aye Frank Scutt 25/11/2010

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