Chairman: F E Scutt         Secretary: M Inshaw        Treasurer: G Elward
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The Apollo Hotel treated us well in 2012 when we had our Reunion with them in Birmingham.For our AGM they gave us a separate room which provided us with the privacy we required to discuss the Association's business.
George Elward gave us a run down on the financial situation which included what the funds had been used for, It was at this juncture where I put forward the suggestion sent by John Fuery to asking us to support Caithness Rugby Club (some of us played on their ground} by purchasing a "Brick in the Wall" for their new club house, this was agreed by the members present.  George said we usually give a sum to Help for Heroes so he suggested we halved this and gave half to Heroes and the other half to Caithness.Mick Inshaw then explained to us how Isle of White Tours worked when they were organising a reunion on our behalf. Their organiser would arrange everything including accommodation, coach trips, entertainment and a visit to the Arboretum at a set price, a vote was taken and approval was given to Mick to give The Isle of White Tours the go ahead.
I decided to wait until after my visit to Chichester where the Memorial Service for Sandy Woodward was to be held he was the "skipper" of Grampus my first submarine so we had something in common and I was pleased to be invited to his Memorial Service.
The Thanksgiving Ceremony in Chichester Cathedral started on time and we were all asked to stand as Sandy Woodward's  Admiral's Orders and Decorations were carried into the Cathedral. I felt extremely proud and realised that Sandy Woodward was of a calibre that I hadn't appreciated till now. However one had only to look round at the number of people that made up the congregation to realise he was supported by a multitude of Royal Naval Personnel, Royal Marines and Relatives who were there in attendance. After the service we were invited to refreshments in the George Bell House where I met up with some Repulse members namely, Tony Whetstone, Sir Bob Hill, Toby Elliot and others, and discussed the Association and where it was going!! Not far with those present, I expected that, however I did say I would close down the Association on the 50th anniversary of the first Commission, in 2018.
Finally I thank you all for your support and wish you all a Happy Xmas and a prosperous New Year. 
               Fondest Regards  Frank