Lieutenant Commander J. N. Colquhoun
Lieutenant Commander M. J. Davidson
Lieutenant Commander R. C. F. Hill
Lieutenant Commander S. J. Watson
Lieutenant Commander N. Purvis
Surgeon Lieutenant M. P. W. H. Paine
Lieutenant D. E. Hancock
Lieutenant W. M. Logan
Lieutenant R. G. E. Chappell
Lieutenant T. J. K. Sloane
Lieutenant T. D. Elliott
Lieutenant J. 0. Young
Chief Petty Officer Coxswain D Lilliman
Chief Engine Room Artificer C Bailey
Chief Control Electrical Artificer P.L Bibby
Chief Radio Supervisor L Granger
Chief Control Electrical Artificer I. V. Hart
Chief Radio Electrical Artificer B. M. Jones
Chief Engine Room Artificer B C. Richardson
Chief Ordnance Electrical Artificer K. E. Young
Chief Electrical Mechanic J M Humphrey
Chief Engineering Mechanic D W Bell
Chief Electrician D F Cooke
Chief Radio Electrician T J Lane
Ordnance Electrical Artificer L Borrowdale
Control Electrical Artificer J W K Charters,
Engine Room Artificer 1 C Danvers
Ordnance Electrical Artificer M. J. Dack
Ordnance Electrical Artificer K. Doggett
Control Electrical Artificer 1 C. Fray
Engine Room Artificer C. V. Hanna
Control Electrical Artificer 1 P. L. Huggett
Control Electrical Artificer 1 J. C. Kennedy
Engine Room Artificer 1 E. F. Lovegrove
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 C. R. Matson
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 T. F. Mayfield
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 J. C. McMahon
Engine Room Artificer F. Scutt
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 D. H. Scammell
Engine Room Artificer 1 J. C. Strutt
Engine Room Artificer 1 D. Syborn
Control Electrical Artificer 1 K. V. Upton
Control Electrical Artificer 1 M. Wooders
Medical Technician 1 P. J. Marsden
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 C. G. Ashworth
Radio Mechanician 1 B. L. Girling
Mechanician 1 W G. Hyde
Radio Mechanician 1 H. T. Laverack
Radio Mechanician 1 K. C. Oliver
Electrical Artificer 2 I. M. Rowley
Control Electrical Artificer 2 H. E. Morris
Radio Mech. 2 R. Benham
Control Electrical Mechanician 2 J. F Simpson
Petty Officer Electrician M. J. Brady
Petty Officer Engineering Mechanic M. G. Copeland
Petty Officer Radio Electrician E. J. Glass
Petty Officer Underwater Control 1 D.G. Holmes
Petty Officer Electrician J. L. Hoare
Petty Officer Stores Accountant J. F. Murray
Petty Officer Engineer Mechanic T. Mullard
Petty Officer Cook H. C. Newman
Petty Officer Torpedo Anti-Submarine Instructor B. E. Phillips
Petty Officer Electrician W Smith
Petty Officer Radio Electrician A. J. Thorrington
Petty Officer Steward R. C. Turner
Petty Officer Engineering Mechanic J. Wilson
Petty Officer Electrician D. R. Williams
Leading Engineering Mechanic M.D. Brough
Leading Cook B. H. Barnard
Leading Writer M. C. Barnard
Leading Engineering Mechanic T A. Cornwell
Leading Control Electrical Mechanic M. J Collier
Leading Control Electrical Mechanic R. Chilcott
Leading Engineering Mechanic J Elward
Leading Cook D. Edge
Leading Radio Operator J. Goodbody
Leading Engineering Mechanic D. D. J. Harris
Leading Seaman Underwater Control 2 K C Hammacott
Leading Ordnance Electrical Mechanic N.J. Harris
Leading Stores Accountant R. J. P. Hempstead
Leading Radio Electrical Mechanic C. P. Lloyd
Leading Seaman Underwater Control 2 T. B. Maxwell
Leading Radio Electrical Mechanic R. F. Moody
Leading Steward J. L. McLaughlin
Leading Seaman Underwater Weapons 2 A. W. Onn
Leading Ordnance Electrical Mechanic M. Pyrah
Leading Ordnance Electrical Mechanic J. Paterson
Leading Engineering Mechanic R. V. Rees
Leading Seaman Underwater Weapons 2 R. H. Rothwell
Leading Radio Operator J. W. Sullivan
Leading Ordnance Electrical Mechanic J. H. Thorpe
Leading Engineering Mechanic D. M. Wyper
Leading Radio Electrical Mechanic A. J. Wilson
Leading Radio Electrical Mechanic R. Worsfold
Leading Control Electrical Mechanic P. Wright
Medical Technician 4 D. J. Ace
Able Seaman Underwater Weapons* R. M. Addison
Radio Electrical Mechanic C. J. Booker
Able Seaman Radar Plotter 2 S. J. Boyd
Probationary Medical Technician K. J. Bradford
Engineering Mechanic 1 R. A. Campbell
Able Seaman Radar Plotter* A. R. Cox
Cook(s) M. E. Clow
Engineering Mechanic 1 A. D. Dyer
Engineering Mechanic 1 R. A. Drake
Able Seaman Underwater Weapons 2 G. Donabie
Steward B. J. Easton
Able Seaman Underwater Control 2 R. H. Gausden
Radio Operator 2 J. B. Harris
Able Seaman Underwater Weapons 2 R. J. Harrison
Steward J. H. Hill
Engineering Mechanic 1 R. G. Iceton
Control Electrical Mechanic 1 R. Jones
Radio Operator 2 J. M. Jones
Able Seaman Underwater Control* T. I. Janes
Able Seaman Underwater Control* J. T. Johnston
Able Seaman Underwater Control* T. Jagger
Ordnance Electrical Mechanic 1 R. B. Kitching
Able Seaman Underwater Control* J. B. Kirkpatrick
Engineering Mechanic 1 W. Lloyd
Radio Electrical Mechanic 1 P. J. Lawrence
Ordnance Electrical Mechanic 1 I. R. Moss
Engineering Mechanic 1 M. L. McCarthy
Engineering Mechanic 1 J. P. Murdoch
Control Electrical Mechanic 1 C. J. N. Murray
Able Seaman Underwater Control* E. Mileham
Radio Operator 2 J. Mulloy
Able Seaman Radar Plotter* S. McLean
Radio Electrical Mechanic 1 D. J. O'Brien
Able Seaman Underwater Weapons* J. J. C. Owens
Able Seaman Underwater Control* M. J. G. Parker
Engineering Mechanic 1 R. B. Robinson
Radio Electrical Mechanic 1 S. A. Reilly
Able Seaman Underwater Control* H. C. Roherts
Ordnance Electrical Mechanic 1 G. Smith
Ordnance Electrical Mechanic 1 B. R. Service
Able Seaman Underwater Control* T. Speake
Able Seaman Underwater Control 2 R. W. Wooldridge
Radio Electrical Mechanic 1 D. V. Wright
Radio Operator 2 D. N. Williams
Radio Operator 2 M. Watson
Engineering Mechanic 1 M. D. Young
Engineering Mechanic 1 R. Wilkinson


Lieutenant Commander K. S. Pitt
Lieutenant Commander J. A. P. Fuery
Lieutenant Commander M. S. Ashley
Lieutenant Commander I. H. Pirnie
Surgeon Lieutenant I R. Harrison
Lieutenant A. D. F. Ferguson
Lieutenant I H. Mochrie
Lieutenant P. S. Eshelby
Lieutenant M. Anederson
Lieutenant C. P. Bengtsson
Lieutenant D. R. G Higham
Lieutenant P.G. Lester
J. R. Phelps, Esq.
Chief Petty Officer Coxswain I J. Wall
Chief Engine Room Artificer F. C. Cooper
Chief Engine Room Artificer B A. Speller
Chief Control Electrical Artificer R. A. Weldon
Chief Ordnance Electrical Artificer J. B. Wyatt
Chief Control Electrical Mechanician E. M. Bailey
Chief Radio Electrical Mechanician H. J. Holmes
Chief Electrical Mechanician J. Wilson
Chief Engineering Mechanic G. F. Edmonds
Chief Radio Electrician R. Gilbert
Chief Radio Electrician R. G. Little
Chief Radio Supervisor B. L. Powell
Control Electrical Artificer D. R. Beattie
Control Electrical Artificer 1 P. W. Bell
Engine Room Artificer 1 D. Bennington
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 R. G. Bonniwell
Engine Room Artificer 1 D. Denne
Engine Room Artificer 1 A. Davies
Radio Electrical Artificer 1 F. M. Easton
Engine Room Artificer 1 G. M. Giles
Control Electrical Artificer 1 B. B. Goodhand
Engine Room Artificer 1 H. G. Gibbons
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 G. H. Haberfield
Engine Room Artificer 1 J. H. Herrick
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 P. T. Meakin
Radio Mechanician 1 J. B. Mackenzie
Control Electrical Artificer 1 S. D. Moss
Control Electrical Mechanician 1 R. F. McKerron
Radio Mechanician 1 J. B. Price
Control Electrical Artificer P. R. C. Reeve
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 A. W. Robertson
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 T. W. Smith
Ordnance Electrical Mechanician 1 R. E. Scott
Mechanician 1 D. A. Wills
Ordnance Electrical Artificer 1 R. A. Wilson
Medical Technician 1 J. H. Zorn
Control Electrical Artificer 2 B. J. Gibbs
Control Electrical Artificer 2 R. T. A. Hummell
Control Electrical Artificer 2 I. Long
Radio Electrical Artificer 2 D. F. Prime
Radio Electrical Artificer 2 R. P. Slemon
Radio Electrical Artificer 2 J. T. Vendy
Petty Officer Electrician T. W. Aldridge
Petty Officer Engineering Mechanic W. J. Blackwood
Petty Officer Engineering Mechanic F. 6. Gibson
Petty Officer Cook J. Hugman
Petty Officer Steward T. W. Humble
Petty Officer Electrician M. J. King
Petty Officer Torpedo Anti-Submarine Instructor D. E. J. King
Petty Officer Radio Electrician R. W. Lawtey
Petty Officer Underwater Control 1 G. W. Rhodie
Petty Officer Stores Accountant H. Stirling
Petty Officer Control Electrician S. F. Stevens
Petty Officer Engineering Mechanic L. A. F. Scheunig
Petty Officer Radio Electrician R. Wood
Petty Officer Electrician T S Yates
Leading Electrical Mechanic M. J. Allen
Leading Seaman T. Butcher
Leading Radio Operator R. C. Batchelor
Leading Engineering Mechanic R. F. Craigie
Leading Writer K. C. Cezair
Leading Seaman L. Carr
Leading Electrical Mechanic R. Conner
Leading Ordnance Electrical Mechanic W. Dunlop
Leading Engineering Mechanic B. P. Evans
Leading Control Electrical Mechanic T. Flatters
Leading Radio Electrical Mechanic M. G. Griffiths
Leading Electrical Mechanic P. T. Goodwin
Leading Cook H. Heggs
Leading Ordnance Electrical Mechanic P.O. Jardine
Leading Ordnance Electrical Mechanic J. M. Lundrigan
Leading Electrical Mechanic Lockyer
Leading Cook R. Leithhead
Leading Engineering Mechanic J. Morgan
Leading Radio Operator A. McKeever
Leading Radio Electrical Mechanic R. G. Morrison
Leading Engineering Mechanic T. J. Pares
Leading Engineering Mechanic M. G. Storey
Leading Radio Electrical Mechanic B. Stockoc
Leading Seaman R. F. Smith
Leading Seaman G.G. Skelton
Leading Ordnance Electrical Mechanic R. L. Tideswell
Leading Engineering Mechanic R. Turner
Leading Engineering Mechanic B. Youel
Radio Electrical Mechanic 1 S. Alford
Steward G. W. Ashall
Able Seaman J. A. Alexander
Engineering Mechanic 1 A. D. Bennison
Able Seaman S. W. Brown
Radio Operator 2 M. H. Boultwood
Engineering Mechanic 1 R. Critchley
Able Seaman G. W. Carnaffin
Engineering Mechanic 1 M. P. Dunkerly
Medical Assistant R. M. Evans
Radio Operator 2 D. M. Elvin
Able Seaman R. P. Fox
Steward B. R. Gimblett
Engineering Mechanic 1 R. A. Gowen
Able Seaman M. E. Grace
Control Electrical Mechanic 1 K. G. Hammond
Engineering Mechanic 1 A. R. Hollingsworth
Engineering Mechanic 1 B. W. Hadden
Able Seaman A. Heard
Control Electrical Mechanic 1 E. P. Jones
Radio Electrical Mechanic 1 J. M. Kermath
Able Seaman P. A. Kemp
Ordnance Electrical Mechanic 1 P. E. Kilkelly
Able Seaman J. W. Leavey
Ordnance Electrical Mechanic 1 A. J. McCrum
Able Seaman R. N. Maclean
Able Seaman  A. McIlvaney
Radio Electrical Mechanic 1 I,S. Mcintosh
Cook I. W. Moore
Able Seaman S. P. MacQuire
Radio Operator 2 M. A. McRobert
Able Seaman M. J. Manley
Engineering Mechanic 1 D. P. Oultram
Able Seaman D. F. O'Donovan
Steward C. C. Phillips
Stores Accountant R. M. Stakes
Ordnance Electrical Mechanic 1 M. L. Shoobridge
Engineering Mechanic 1 R. M. Spiring
Radio Operator 2 P. J. Smith
Radio Electrical Mechanic B. Swannack
Able Seaman R. W. Sinclair
Ordnance Electrical Mechanic 1 R. L. Tideswell
Radio Operator 1 J. P. Trantum
Medical Assistant M. J. Walker
Able Seaman K. R. White
Radio Electrical Mechanic 1 G. Walker
Able Seaman G. A. Wilson


Commander ADC Lund

Lieutenant Commander T Everard
Lieutenant Commander R M Kohler
Lieutenant Commander D Fulton
Lieutenant Commander R P P Burkitt

Lieutenant J W Thornton
Lieutenant M G Jones
Lieutenant M J Sime
Lieutenant N J D Fulford
Lieutenant M R Oliphant
Lieutenant S Wilkinson
Lieutenant D H Farrington
Lieutenant A Quade
Surgeon Lieutenant C S Bourne

chief Petty Officer Coxswain F R Archer

Chief Petty Officers

                                        CEA1 P F Allen                                                       CMEA(P) C Danvers                                         OEMN1 I Kelman                        MECH1 F G Searl
                                         COEA(O) C Ashworth                                           OEA1(0) T Fell                                                 CEA1 T Kennedy                       CCEA1 V Sharpe
                                         REMN1 R Benham                                                  MEA(P)1 C Fiander                                          CMEA(P) W F Lowe                   CEMN1 M Sherriff
                                         MEA(P)1 J Bovingdon                                           CRE R Gilbert                                                    CEA1 D Marshall                         CCEA D M Smith
                                         CMECH R Bramwell                                               REA1 M L Harris                                               CPOSA J Murray                         CEA1 D S Smith
                                         CEA1 R H Brown                                                  CRS J E Harris                                                   MECH1 R Monk                           CEA1 J H Todd
                                          CEA1 M Bridgeman                                              OEMN(0)1 R Harrison                                        MEA(P)1 D Nicholson                  C0EMM1 P Ward
                                         MEA(P) I M Brumby                                               CMECH D Hatchman                                           MEA(P)1 D Robertson                 CMEM J Wilson
                                         OEA1(0) M Dack                                                    CEA1 R John                                                    CPO TAS1 G Rhodic                   CEA1 K Woodhead
                                                                                                                                                                                                 COEA D Scammell

                                                                                 Petty  Officers

                                        CEMN3 J Bursen                                                       POCEL J Gardiner                                            POSTWD J McLaughlin                  CEMN3 E Skelton
                                        POCEL Barsley                                                         POCEL M J Inshaw                                           MEA(P)2 W Morris                         CEA2 Smith-Jaynes
                                        POCEL J Butcher                                                      REMM3 R Irvine                                                 POSA J Murray                              POREL C Tyas
                                        CEA2 R Casey                                                          POUC1 K O Lacey                                            0EMM3 I Olding                               POMEM E K Wall
                                        POCEL R Chilcott                                                       PORP1 K J Lane                                               0EMN2 K C Palmer                          POMEM G Williams
                                        CEMN3 J Coatsworth                                                POREL D Loveder                                            POMEM R Rees
                                        POCEL H J Collins                                                      POREL R Lyons
                                        POCEL A Fellowes                                                    POMA W McKay

Junior Rates

                                        LSA M Anderson                              LMEM M Dean                                                      LS J Johnston                                MEM! G Ramage
                                        0EM1 C Attwood                              LOEM M Deakin                                                    LCEM R Jones                               STWD M Rhodes
                                                                                                                                                                            LRO(G)J Lancaster
                                        R02 D Beach                                   LS G Donabie                                                       LOEM A W Lewsey                      LS H Roberts
                                        LS M Boudier                                  LMEM R Drake                                                      CK D Lilley                                      AB C Robins
                                        AB S Boyd                                       R01(G) I Edwards                                                STWD J Louttit                               LMA W Russell
                                        MEM1 A Brooks                               MT4 R Edwards                                                    MEM1 D Martin                               LS D Shaw
                                        LOEM D Brown                                LCEM J Ellins                                                        LMEM D Maskill                               LRO T Sheere
                                        AB E Browne                                   LS K Fear                                                             LOEM M McIntyre                           LMEM V Simpson
                                        AB J Buddle                                    MEM1 E Fittall                                                         LRO(W)K Morison                         CEM1 A Sinclair
                                                                                               RO2(G)D Foley                                                      LCEM A McKenzie                        0EM1 R J Slack
                                        LOEM M Butler                               AB C J Foreman                                                    MEM1 A Mullett                              LREM A D Smith
                                        R01(G) J M Bysouth                        LS R J Foreman                                                     LMEM J Murdoch                           MEM1 R Taylor
                                        AB J Campbell                               LOEM M S Gardham                                               LWTR R H Nicholls                         LMEM J Toothil
                                        LMEM A Chamberlain                    CEM1 J Gardner                                                    LRO A Norris                                 REM1 A Walters
                                        AB A Cox                                       RO(G) V Gibson                                                    0EMN1 B O'Neil                               LSTWD K Ween
                                        RO(W) R Davies                             LMEM J Harpin                                                       LS M Parker                                   AB J Whitlock
                                        CK S J Davies                                LREM C Horn                                                         CK R Potts                                     LMEM R Wilkinson
                                        LCK L T Drakani                            AB T Jagger                                                          0EM1 D Pye                                   LMEM M Young
                                                                                              LS T J Janes                                                          RO2(G)J Phelps                          
                                                                                             0EM1 D Jervis
                                                                                             0EM1 S Jenkins




   CEMN1 M ALLINSON              CEMN1 B DRUMMY              MEA(P) T MUIR        CCEA R P SCABRHO
CEA1 K BAKER                      CEA1 B ELLIOT                  CEA1 L MUNRO            MEA(P) F SMEATON
CCEA BELL               MECH1 D FORREST          CMEA(P) T PATRICK    MEA(P)1 P
COEMN R BONIWELL             MECH1 A HAGGER           CEA1 R PAYNE         MEA(P) J THRUSH
      CMEA(P) B COMMINS         CEA1 R HUMMEL            CEMN1 N POWERS        OEMN1 D WOOLNER
OEMN1 T DIXON                  CPO T JANES                 REMN1 B RICHARDSO
MEA(P)1 A DOW                CCEA A KEECH             CCEA R ROBERTS
               COEL M KING                 CEA1 M ROGERS 
                           CMEM J LAMPSON        CRS R ROSE                    
              MECH1 I MIDDLETON       

           PETTY OFFICERS              
                                                                                                                POCEL M ALLEN                   CEA2 R DIXON         POEL A McCRUM              PORP1 B PETERS
                                                                                                                OEA2 J ANDREWS               POMA R EVANS        PORE T MARRIS              OEMN2 K A ROSS
                                                                                                                POCK B BARNARD              CEA2 A FINN             CEA2 G MASON                POSA H STIRLING
                                                                                                                POUC1 M CHARLTON          MECH2 GORDON      CEMN2 R McREADIE         MECH2 B SUTTON
                                                                                                                CEA2 J CHARMAN              REA2 LE-GUILCHER MEA(P)2 P O OAKLEY        REMN2 M TILL
                                                                                                                                                           POSTWD A LEVINE            POME K WHITEHORSE

                                                                                                        LREM M ADAMS                                   OEMN4 B CLAPP                LOEM R HARKINS        CEM1 A PAYNE
                                                                                                        LS J ALEXANDER                                  MEM1 P CLEVERLEY         LS A HEARD                 RO1 L RAWSON
                                                                                                       OEM1 M ANDERSON                             MEM1 A COSH                    CK G HOWARD            AB A REILLY
                                                                                                       LCEM R BAXTER                                   CK S DAVIS                         LOEM D INGRAM         LMEM P RICHARDSON
                                                                                                       LCK R BENNELICK                                AB P DAYKIN                       CK J KEARNEY           CEM1 D SALES
                                                                                                       SA D BERRY                                         CEM M DEAKIN                   LOEM M KENNEY        LCEM G SHELTON
                                                                                                       LSTWD M BERRY                                  REM1 T ELSON                   OEM1 P KILKELLY       LMEM C SHIPTON
                                                                                                       LOEM G BISCOMBE                              AB D FAUTLEY                    LCEM J LEISHAM         MEM1 G STEVENS
                                                                                                       AB J BOYCE                                         CEM1 P FILDES                   LS D LOUGHLIN           LRO(W) STEPHENSON
                                                                                                       LWTR M BRADDICK-SOUTHGATE          MEM1 T FLAHERTY             LREM P LUXTON          LMEM R THAW
                                                                                                       LS S BROWN                                        LREM T FORBES                 LRO D MAUDE             LOEM C THOMPSON
                                                                                                       LMEM R BRUCHEZ                                REM1 A A GEORGE            AB D MACDONALD      LMA R TILLEY
                                                                                                       LMEM I BURNAGE                                RO2(W) C GOFF                   LS A McILVANEY        OEM1 W TODD
                                                                                                       STWD G CAMERON                              LMEM R GOWEN                 LS R McLEAN              AB B TURNER
                                                                                                       AB J CAMERON                                    AB M GRACE                       LCEM MILLER             MT4 C WAY
                                                                                                       LMEM J CAMERON                               AB L GRIFFIN                       LSSTWD M MURPHY  MEM1 J WEBSTER
                                                                                                       OEM1 M CAMERON                              LMEM P HALL                      MEM1 NORTH             LOEM A WHITEHEAD
                                                                                                       LOEM W CARR                                     LMEM A HAMER                  LS D O'DONOVAN        RO1 I WINSTANLEY
                                                                                                       RO2 R CARTLEDGE                              AB B HAMMOND                  RO2 J PARDO
                                                                                                       AB I CHARLTON                                    LMEM W HANLON