H.M.S/M Repulse Association
Members and Wives who have crossed the Bar
Tug Wilson 1998
Ossie Aldridge 1999
Bob Weldon 2000
Gerry Coulson 2001
Topsy Turner 2001
Dennis Forest 2001
Taff Morgan 2002
Tony Thorington 2003
Angus Ferguson 2005
Bob Bramwell 2006
Peter Bell 2006
Roger Batchelor 2008
J M Humphrey Port crew CEM 2008
Fred Searle December 2008
Ken Baker 2009
John Herrick March 15th 2010
K Oliver 2010
Derek Lowe 7th September 2011
Chris Cowley-Freeman 30th Jan 2012
Shipmates of Repulse who have crossed the Bar but not in the association.
J Zorn, Ben Bibby, Mick Wooders, Ray Gilbert, Jim Crombie, R Boniwell, J Goodbody
Cdr R M (Max) Kohler 2008, CMEM(M) Soapy Watson OBE (Feb 2011).                                         Alex Smith 19th September 2017
CPOWEA Walter Bore Walter , LWTR(SM) Gary 'Sharkey' (Oct 2011 served 1991-1994)                Geoff Greenwood CCMEA  8th Sept 2017
Wally Willis CPO Fore ends June 2013                                                                                        Commander A D C LUND August 2018
Frank Smeaton ERA 16th July 2013, Cdr weeo Collin Cooper 2013 Repulse (S)                           MEA(P) 1 Alistair Dow January 21st 2014
Commander T H Green second commission starboard crew captain 2013
CPO WEA Colin Cunningham 18th January 2014
POREL John S Croy April 2014
Jim McCutcheon RPO June 3rd 2014
CPOREL Robert Little October 2014
CPO Coxn. Mo Campion Oct 18th
Lt Cdr Peter Lester Starboard 1968 13th Feb 2015
Gordon Henry Parker FCPO OEA 27th Feb 2015
CME(M) Tom Kimmitt 2015
Commander Kenneth Ian McDonald Clark 7th May 2015
UC1 Ray Glenn November 2015
Chief PO Keith Knight 2016
Kenny Hall Jauary 26th 2017
PO Medic Jimmie Goldie 25th Feb 2017

Members Wives
Kath Borrowdale
Maggie Dack
Mrs T Sloane
Anne Scutt
Barbara Newman
Vera Forest
Lucy Ashley (Martin Ashley's wife).
Frances Bramwell (Jan 1st 2010)
Mrs J Pyrah (June 2009)
"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them."

Hilary Smith 2012
Athony Davies September 27th 2012
FCMEA Keith (Chats) Charters October 20th 2012
Cdr James Neil COLQUHOUN october 18th 2012
POM(E) M Copeland 27th August 2013
Janet Spiring Nov 5th 2013
Sheila Woolner February 2014
Captain JR Wadman Port Crew first CO September 17th 2014
CMEA Danny Danvers September 26th 2014
COEA Ken Young September 2014
Susan Wyper 9th November 2014
Captain (E) John A P Fuery 22nd February aged 79 2015
Brian Williams 31st March 2015
Betty Whetstone January 2016
Commander Mike Davidson 30th January 2016
CPO Allan Hagger January 2017
Jan Rees 22nd August 2017
Ken Bradford August 10 2018
Corrina Cornwell 23rd January 2018
CERA Cliff Fiander November 30th 2018
STEWARD Glen Ashall 17th June 2017
CERA Sid Syborn 12 February 2019
POck Brian Clark June 4th 2019

POMA Glen Spriggs March 2021
OEA1 Haberfield 25th January 2018
OEA1 Tom Fell January 15th 2020
OEA (O) Mick Dack March 2020
Gwyn McMahon April 25th 2020
FCMEA (EL) Tom Smith December 2020
Petty Officer Tom King April 2020
MED TECH 1 John Zorn Feb 2nd 1979
Rick Rothwell February 28 2021
POME Taff Reese  September 26th 2021
MECH 1 Bill Hyde 19/03/21
PO Chef Dave Edge January 2022
REAR ADMIRAL Ian H Pirnie Stbd Crew first commission PSO 17th January 2022
Surgeon Rear Admiral Michael PW Paine QHS 2022
Mrs Scammel August 2021
Engineer William Lloyd April 17th 2022
POWEM Chris Booker June 2022
Agnes Danvers August 13th 2022
COX Derek Lilliman September 9th 2022
Fleet Chief Brian Phillips September 29th  2022 age 85
PORP1 K Lane October 12th 2022
CWEA Richard Mailey October 2022
Donal Boyle 2022
LMEM Lee Bracewell December 2022
Fleet Chief Frank Scutt April 23rd 2023
Helen Webster April 5th 2023
Fleet Chief CEA John Hart September 6th 2023
LOEM Dave Ingram September 30th 2023
CEA1 Peter Allen 22nd September 2023
Fleet Chief MEA(EL) Ced Fray December 30th 2023
CPO Stoker MD Young 14th January 2022