Danny Danvers

Danny Danvers and Lt Free by the fin Lt Jim Stone

senior rates mess dinner
Tug Wilson Brum Bramwell Danny Danvers
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Crew Pictures (1st Commission)

Captain Wadman
Derek Lilliman on the planes control
Last tot of rum served aboard HMS Repulse (Port)
Left to Right
Brum Bramwell, Bill Smith, Ken Young & Dinger Bell
Bill Smith & Speaky Lowe
Bill Smith, Norman McIntyre(Middle) & Paddy Ringland and Eddie[Paddy]Browne.
Bill Smith

Bill Smith & Tom Mayfield
(Bill Smith astonished at recieving a whole fag from Neddy Purvis)

Len Borrowdale, Bill Smith & OEM Moss (Moses)
Port Crew Chef & Bill Smith
Paul Chorley
WO Dutchy Holland , MEM M Darby Allan Derek (Johno ) Johns
Ced Fray and Sid Syborne
Henry Parker
Fire Control Chief 1969 to 1972
back left- Jan Spiring-Charlie Haddon-?-me-Ging Macintosh-Jock Harkins. Front left Roger critchley-John (Tam) Lundrigan-Tim Pears
Titch, Kitch, Charlie, Jock , Wilkie and me Jonah